Your Walking Adventure

Are you a walker? Is that your main form of exercise? Why not focus your next adventure on a destination that lets you combine your love of walking with your love of travel? This video suggests ways to prepare yourself, and features destinations in the world where you can walk your way to and around the new sites, either self-guided or in a small guided group.

Here are links to some travel items you might find useful as you embark on your walking adventure, or for friends on their way there:
1. Trekking poles — “…these poles exceeded my expectations and at a fair price to boot. I’m not clumsy and there were still a handful of times I may have seriously sprained a knee or ankle if it weren’t for the stability of these poles.”
2. Scrunchable hat for men and women — “Two plane trips and many hours later, I pulled it out of my bag and it looked great. The mesh band allows airflow and the strap kept it secure during a very bumpy boat ride.”
3. Sports Water Bottle – 40 Oz, Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel
4. Women’s Walking Socks — “I loooove these socks! I can’t not wear them! They are so plush and snug.. its like hugs for your feet. They are not hot.”
5. Waterproof Hooded Rain Poncho for Adult with Pocket — Waterproof
6. First Aid Emergency Kit
7. Baleaf Women’s Joggers Lightweight Hiking Pants Zipper Pockets High Waist Quick Dry Travel Camping UPF50+ — “I have an up coming trip where I’ll be spending most of my time in the rainforest and needed something lightweight that would keep my cool and dry. These were recommended on a lot of blogs so thought I’d try a pair. After I tried these on, I was in love!!!! They fit amazing! They have a slight stretch, lightweight, have zippered pockets, cuff at the bottom (perfect if I want to pull them up if I’m hot). All other brands just look frumpy and these actually look great and stylish!”
8. Waterproof women’s walking shoes — “Very comfortable, these shoes are anti-slip, waterproof and remain soft for hiking. Tested in snow, protect against cold and humidity.”

Senior Travel Buddies may receive a small compensation from Amazon for items you purchase via these links. Your cost will not be affected.

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