Road Trip adventure to Crete

Trip Request

Travel Buddy Gender RequestFemale
Travel TimeframeSummer 2023
CommentsGreetings! I'm looking for an adventurous travel buddy to join me on a road trip on the Greek Island of Crete from 8/17/23 through 9/6/2023. I traveled to the Greek Islands in 2019 but only spent 3 days on Crete. There is so much history and beauty that I wanted to return and really spend time exploring the Island. I'm actually spending 5 months traveling to other countries in Europe so I will meet you at the Heraklion Airport on 8/17/23. I've rented a car for that time period so we will be driving all over the island. I've driven many times in Europe so I'm an experienced driver. (nerves of steel). The rental car would be total $1429. . I use airbnb for lodging and the average cost is about $70 per night per person. Total estimate for lodging and car is $2115 for two. I'm a Rick Steves' devotee so I travel like a local, economical but not cheap. Good food but not extravagant, clean, safe, no bugs lodging, car or public transportation and taxis only if I run out of steam. I love history so I enjoy awesome scenery but even more so if it has some historical significance. I'm flexible so I'm open to any sites you want to see. I would like 1-2 traveling companions. I'll make all the arrangements and will pick you up and take you back to the airport at Heraklion. Looking forward to a Crete Adventure!!!
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