Middle East: Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia & more

Trip Request

Travel Buddy Gender RequestEither
Budget$1000-$2000, $2000-$4000
Travel TimeframeFall 2023, Winter 2023
Destination(s)Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Turkey
CommentsI am trying to plan a trip to the Middle East for this fall/winter but concerned about traveling as a solo female, and only speak English. I am wanting to spend 2-3 months, at approx. $2000/month, and while some tourist locations I wouldn't mind I am mainly wanting to travel the countries, small towns, see how the locals live. A male guide/companion or someone who has been and/or knows the area(s) would be great. Anyone interested, please let me know. If time and depending on travel companion, and other factors, I wouldn't mind also seeing some eastern Europe, Poland, Russia....so looking for a companion with time to spare and an interest in taking a relaxing trip.
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