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Travel Buddy Gender RequestEither
Budget$1000-$2000, $2000-$4000, $4000-$7000
Travel TimeframeFall 2022, Winter 2022, Spring 2023
CommentsI love to travel (especially cruises,) and am looking for a travel partner to join in the fun. I don't have a specific destination in mind and I am pretty flexible about when or where. I don't enjoy traveling alone, and prefer to share the experience or at least some of the activities together. I enjoy museums, historical sites, nature walks, botanical gardens, zoo's and aquariums. I also like strolling through cities shopping and having coffee in a cafe. I have also considered a "voluntourism" trip as a type of vacation but have not done so yet. I also love to fish and play board games and volunteering in my community. I am not interested in "adventure" travel such as rock/mountain climbing, zip lining, rollercoasters etc. I am located in Ocala, FL in case anyone is local.
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