Barcelona, Andorra, Mallorca, Zurich, Liechtenstein, Slovenia, Slovakia, San Marino, Romania Eurail/plane trip,

Trip Request

Travel Buddy Gender RequestFemale
Budget$4000-$8000 (USD)
Travel TimeframeSummer 2024
CommentsJuly 2024 looking for female friend interested in traveling to the countries mentioned in the title, via plane and Eurail pass. I'm retired military and a seasoned traveler and wish to add these countries from my bucket list. I'm an easy going traveler who loves to read, tour, shop and meet interesting people.. I'm a Christian. I think of myself as kind and fun. Love girl talk but not an obsessive talker. Will take day tours at key cities. Whole trip should take from 3 weeks to a month. I don't mind if you do your own thing while at the major cities, but would love it if you joined me on the day tours if you are interested. Staying at 3 star hotels during the trip, except for Mallorca where I believe I'm in a 4 star hotel. We can have our own room for privacy.
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