Argentina, Chile, and Paraguay

Trip Request

Travel Buddy Gender RequestEither
Travel TimeframeWinter 2024
Destination(s)Argentina, Chile, Paraguay
CommentsLooking for one, two or three travel partners, who want to go to South America. My thoughts are to start in Buenos Aries, travel up to Paraguay then over to Chile. I like to do a lot of research, then go to the area and take short, guided, tours. I am thinking between two, to three weeks. I have traveled, South East Asia, Maylasia, Japan and Europe. Now South America is calling. I prefer to travel by bus, train or ferry. I pack light and am ok going with the flow and have learned to not sweat the small stuff and little mishaps that can happen on the road, it is all part the adventure. If this sounds like your style and you have an interest in South America. Drop me a line. We might now make 2024, but we could start planning for 2025. Sharon
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