Lorry at the Dead Sea

By lorry

I recently spent three days touring on the way to the Dead Sea or Yam HaMelech as it's called in Israel. We began in Jerusalem where we boarded a bus with fellow travelers. Our first stop was the Good Samaritan Museum which highlights the intricate mosaics that decorated this way station used by Jewish, Christian, and Muslim worshippers on their way to and from Jerusalem. Next we spent time at the newish Qumrun National Park where you can view the ruins of the city where residents focused on writing the holy texts of the Jewish people. These scribes, when under threat by the invading Romans, quickly hid their treasures in clay urns in the caves of the surrounding cliffs. The urns sat for almost 2000 years before being discovered. Excavations are ongoing. Many of the treasures discovered in the caves are on exhibit in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Our final stop before arriving at the Dead Sea was at Ein Gedi, first for lunch at their cafeteria, and next at the ancient synagogue, and open tent-covered large area, the floor of which is also covered by a complex mosaic. Our final stop was Herods Hotel on the Dead Sea where we spent three days swimming in the large hotel pool, both inside in the very warm pool, and outside in the very cold pool. Our rooms were nicely appointed, the food was fantastic, and my travel buddy, Judy and I spent a lovely time together at meals, swimming, and walking along the side of the Dead Sea.