Pan American Highway and Antarctica

Trip Request

Travel Buddy Gender RequestEither
Travel TimeframeFall 2023, Winter 2023
Destination(s)Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Panama, Peru
CommentsI'm looking for 1 or 2 Spanish-speaking Adventurers! If I find the right person(s) the adventure will start in either January 2023 or October 2023 and take about 8 weeks (or so). We will leave southern Texas and drive along the Pan-Am Highway through Mexico into Central America. Once in Panama I will ship my SUV to Columbia to circumnavigate the Darien Gap. We will pickup our adventure again a few days later in Columbia and continue our drive through the Patagonia region of Argentina where we will end in Tierra del Fuego. You can either fly home from there or continue with me on an Antarctica and Southern Ocean cruise. Along the way I plan to visit the beaches of Costa Rica, explore the Panama Canal, see Machu Picchu, hike a trail or two in the Andes Mountains, and anything else we find interesting along the way. Every year many people travel this Highway and some post about it or write books. We will be careful. We will be smart about when and where we travel. We will employ the wisdom that has got us this far in life. When not stopping to see the sights we will drive 4-6 hours per day. We will find nice hotels (separate rooms) to stay in. I will cover my vehicle costs (gas, border fees, etc.). I'm looking for someone who speaks Spanish and English. I'm also looking for someone to share the experiences we will discover along the way. Some days will be fun. Some days will be challenging. But the stories we can tell . . .
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